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Loved it! Enjoyed the tranquillity of the countryside setting. Enjoyed feeding carrots to the donkeys and brushing them. Pub only half a mile up the lane..bonus!!Great day out!
Brian (Frodsham Cheshire)
I took my teenage tribe to the donkey derby. The course itself requires teamwork and bonding to get through, it also resulted in a lot of laughter and was great fun to see my gang working as a team and not connected to their mobile phones. The dressing up in outfits lead to a healthy competition between donkeys and jockeys and everyone involved had a great time. The best bit for me was taking all the things we had gathered on the course to the donkeys and feeding them and grooming them. The donkeys are so calming and all have different natures, I was very relaxed whilst with them and found the whole afternoon extremely enjoyable. Definitely will do this again
Nonny (Shrewsbury)
I take my 6 years old son McKenzie to Dinky Donkey Experience for EAL. He has complex behavioral problems caused by Sensory Process Disorder. He loves getting up close with the little donkeys, they are a perfect size for him! He enjoys feeding them, brushing them and best of all cuddling them. He forgets his troubles and is calmer. After he leaves he chatters about them for days, especially about Stan, his favorite! McKenzie has run the Donkey Derby fancy dress obstacle Course, he was dressed as a donkey. He loved it! He gave it 100 out of 10!
Vicky (Bolton Lancashire)
“The donkey derby was so much fun! The outfits and obstacle course were hilarious, and collecting treats for the donkeys was challenging yet very enjoyable. After the course we then got to spend time feeding the donkeys and watching them enjoy the treats we had collected. We also got to groom the donkeys, I found this very relaxing and did not want my time with the donkeys to end. I could have stayed with them for hours!
Willow (Shrewsbury)
“The donkey derby was very exciting and interesting to take part in. It is challenging enough to make you think and yet still manages to be a lot of fun which is perfect for all ages. The donkeys are so gentle and very therapeutic to be around. I came away feeling like I had exercised and also relaxed at the same time. 5 Stars from me! June
Katherine (Shrewsbury)
I took my friend Elizabeth for an EAL session. My friend suffers terribly with anxiety. I thought she would be really nervous with the donkeys but she wasn't at all. She loved Eric, and I think he loved her too! She is feeling less anxious 2 days after visiting and hopefully this will continue. I will take her to see the donkeys again to keep her topped up with the Dinky Donkey cuddles! Ceri was so kind and caring which helped too. Thank you and see you all soon xx
Tilly (Coedway Powys)
We had a fantastic time here for my daughter's 9th birthday party. Ceri made her feel really special and the children loved the games and playing with, and petting the donkeys. We just LOVE Ernie the donkey.
Donna (Shrewsbury)