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Dinky Donkeys Experience

We are based in the beautiful Shropshire hills, near the village of Picklescott, a 3 mile drive from Dorrington…. come and join us, relax and enjoy spending quality time with our gentle dinky donkeys!!

Ditch the electronic devices and enjoy interactive fun in the country instead!

We provide high standards of professional care in a safe environment for children and adults to share, learn and have lots of fun! Go to ‘ABOUT’ page to learn how to make a booking!


We guarantee a ‘funtastic’ time for all!

Family Parties
Birthday Parties
Grandparent Treat
Team Building
Family Outing
Family Outing

Dinky Donkey Intros

Eric is a skewbald colour. He is the king of the herd. His favourite hobbies are chasing his brother Ernie and rolling in the sand! He enjoys taking long walks! He loves eating carrots and bananas!

Ernie is grey in colour. His favourite hobby is opening the brushes box himself and then being brushed! He enjoys getting dressed up for Christmas! He loves drinking warm water when the weather is very cold and eating ginger nuts and melon!

Ollie is the smallest Dinky Donkey, he is black in colour. His nick name is “twinkle toes” as he has very small feet. He enjoys being stroked and cuddled. His favourite hobbies are sleeping standing up and playing tug-o-war with his brother Stan! He loves eating pears and sugar free polo mints!

Stan is the youngest Dinky Donkey and a little mischievous! He is dark grey in colour. His nickname is “Stan the man”! He enjoys sniffing woolly hats and having his ears rubbed! His favourite hobbies are playing with a ball and chasing Ollie! He loves eating apples and oranges!

Dinky Donkey Intros
Dinky Donkey Intros
Dinky Donkey Intros
Dinky Donkey Intros