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Who are we?

The “Stars of the Show” are 4 miniature donkeys! Come and meet, brothers Eric and Ernie and brothers Stan and Ollie! To find out a little about the Dinky Donkey boys please click on the “Dinky Donkey Intro’s” link on the HOME page. 

Dinky Donkeys Experience was founded by Ceri Adamson, a recently retired Registered General Nurse and a diploma graduate in Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) which is a way of using donkeys in a therapeutic way to help people understand themselves, deal with difficult issues and learn communication skills! Ceri is also a Dinky Donkey fanatic!
Having experienced the
joy of owning donkeys, Ceri decided to give everyone the opportunity to share the fun, learning and healing she treasures and enjoys with her beloved pets! This has led to the development of the Dinky Donkeys Experience!

Our special little donkeys are very sociable, friendly and gentle with our guests and clearly enjoy meeting everyone, adults and children alike. Each of them are quite different and brimming with character and they love the attention and cuddles! They love being talked to and they communicate back, in a non- verbal way with their beautiful eyes and by gently nuzzling and cuddling you whilst breathing calmly on your cheek.. its heartwarming! Of course donkeys also communicate in a very verbal and noisy way with their famous braying.. you’ll love it!! Come and see them for yourself!

(To learn more about the benefits of therapy donkeys please click on the link in ‘What’s it all about’ below and the helpful links on the ME TIME page). 


What’s it all about?

Firstly, you don’t need prior experience of donkeys to enjoy this experience. We will support and help you to achieve your personal goals and enjoy your time with us! (Please note the donkeys are very small and cannot be ridden)

Some people who visit the donkeys are looking for the donkeys to help them feel better and cope with life’s challenges. Others are visiting to celebrate a birthday or other special event or just come to enjoy family time with the donkeys! Some kids visit during school holidays to join the Dinky Donkeys Kids Club! Some come to learn and develop personal or team building skills or even undertake AQA qualifications. Some come to spend time to get involved in caring for the donkeys including feeding, brushing and stable management.

Come and experience the Dinky Donkey Derby Obstacle Course which is a fancy dress event for adults and children.

We focus on delivering 4 key elements at Dinky Donkeys Experience; Me Time, Fun Time, Learning & Development Time and Donkey Time.

You can find a detailed explanation of each of our services by clicking on each element in “Services” at the top of the page. All our services can be combined to form a unique and unforgettable event…We can help you build your special event!!

You might be interested to take a look at the 2 links below and there’s more if you click on the “helpful links” below;

Please click herehelpful links” to read more about the benefits of spending time with donkeys and equine/ donkey assisted learning.


*Do you want to spend time with the Dinky Donkeys and…….Deal with Personal Issues & Difficulties?


Click on SERVICES at the top of this page & select “Me Time” 


*Do you want to spend time with the Dinky Donkeys and…..Have Fun? Celebrate a Special Event, a Birthday? Join the Dinky Donkey Kids Club during school holidays? Fancy Dress Dinky Donkey Derby Obstacle Course?

Click on SERVICES at the top of this page & select “Fun Time” 


*Do you want to spend time with the Dinky Donkeys and…….Learn & Develop yourself, your team, your children?


Click on SERVICES at the top of this page & select  “Learning & Development Time” 

*Do you want to spend time with the Dinky Donkeys and….help to look after them?

Click on SERVICES at the top of this page and select “Donkey Time 

Customer Feedback:

We value your opinion on our services and your thoughts and ideas! Please email us at [email protected]

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