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Me Time


Me Time:

Is all about you, focusing on you, your relationships, how you communicate, your coping mechanisms…whatever you feel you need!! Its all about giving you space and time to think and feel special!

Sessions are developed with you and your needs in mind! The Dinky Donkeys make wonderful learning partners and spending time with them will positively and permanently change your life for the better!

We’re passionate about helping children and adults through difficult times.

You may be suffering with the psychological effects of depression, post- traumatic stress, bereavement, occupational stress, relationship breakdown or recovering from addiction.

You may have behavioural issues which have led to exclusion from school or difficulties holding down a job. ME TIME at Dinky Donkeys Experience can help you, come and try it!


Equine/Donkey Assisted Learning (EAL) with therapy donkeys:

Is an experimental approach in which learners are supported to make their own decisions and learn from the consequences whilst spending time and interacting with the Dinky Donkeys.

Sessions are led by Ceri who is our qualified practitioner in Equine Assisted Learning. This approach, using donkeys in a therapeutic way, is a non-directive and non-confrontational way to help you understand non verbal signals as well as identify your own skills and strengths to help you reach your potential. The contact with the donkeys can be at whatever level is comfortable for the participant and may require a little time to develop the trusting relationship required to fully embrace this unique opportunity to focus on the positive emotional benefits and fun in communicating with donkeys.

If you’re looking to make a change in your life or cope with the challenges and changes that life brings, we can help you increase your emotional strength and help you create resilience and importantly.. HAVE FUN!

We’re experienced in working with those who may have communication and learning difficulties or suffered in harmful relationships and environments. We want to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to experience the great benefits that come with EAL. We also offer our services to those living with dementia and mental health issues as described above.

Our Dinky Donkeys make perfect learning partners as their natural responses provide immediate and honest feedback to your actions and behaviour giving you a deeper understanding of yourself.

Sensory Exploration With Therapy Donkeys:

We also offer this very enjoyable and relaxing way to spend time with miniature donkeys and is an extremely popular session.

This involves getting close to the donkey, and if you feel able to close your eyes, you can enjoy touching and stroking the little donkey, taking in the softness of their fur and the sounds and smells around you. Enjoy the effects of this calmness on your mind and relax! Experience the satisfaction and joy of making a dinky donkey happy and relaxed with gentle massage and stroking!

How about lying or sitting with the donkeys maybe on bales of hay or straw and then benefit from the tranquility provided by the little donkeys munching on the bales around is so much fun, calming and everyone loves it.. including the donkeys!

If you prefer you can keep your distance from the donkeys and simply watch them whilst sitting under the gazebo perhaps with a drink and snack! That’s ok too.. you decide! Just tell us what you want to do! 

Focus on now, be in the present and enjoy! This can really help you tune in to your feelings whilst allowing the therapeutic value of dinky donkeys to help you.



Our in-house Reiki Master provides this type of energy healing developed in Japan which aims to help you relax, cope with difficult situations and relieve emotional stress and tension. Come and try it, feel the healing energy!

Useful Information For You:

Our events are outdoors and held in all weather conditions. You can come and visit the Dinky Donkeys and spend quality time away from the TV and computer! 

If you or your child prefer not to have hands on contact with the donkeys, you are welcome to stay under our large gazebo next to the donkey paddock and field and simply watch the activities…this way you can still be involved and you won’t miss a thing! You may see the Dinky Donkeys having their own little bit of FUN time together! They are often seen chasing each other on the field and playing tug o’ war with wellies, buckets and balls!

Bring along a packed lunch or picnic and drinks!

Come prepared with wellies and dressed for the weather conditions. A change of clothes is a good idea too! 

A Health and Safety risk assessment is in place and can be found at the bottom of this page along with other useful documents.

Public Liability Insurance is in place.

A First Aid provider is present at every event.

Regular hand washing is recommended particularly prior to eating and drinking. Hand washing and toilet facilities are on site.

Enhanced DBS certification is held by all staff involved in events. 

We welcome children from 8 years of age. 

Children’s birthday parties require attendance of one suitable adult for every 4 children.

There is no donkey riding or prior experience of donkeys required. 


Making A Booking:

If you think our donkeys can help you, your family or a friend please get in touch with us to discuss!

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach and tailor our service to what you need and want! We will  develop a special ‘ME TIME’ for you!

All of our events have limited places in order to ensure each participant has as much attention as required to enable as much enjoyment as possible for everyone!

Please ensure we are aware of any special needs on booking. 

We’re friendly and always happy to develop a special and memorable time for you!!

Please call/email or message via facebook for availability and prices.


Customer Feedback:

We value your opinion on our services and your thoughts and ideas! Please call us by using the number at the top of the page or by clicking on “Contact Us” at the top of the page.

Please see some genuine examples of our customer feedback by clicking here; testimonials